tonneau NET – Cargo Bar Netting


The most convenient add-on to the cargo bar for smaller items to stay in place. 

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The tonneau NET is the latest multifunctional Add-On to the tonneau BAR, making it even more versatile. While the tonneau BAR holds larger objects in place, the tonneau NET will keep smaller items from rolling around in your bakkie, sedan or SUV. This includes tools, fishing or sporting equipment, toys, groceries, school supplies, or pretty much anything else you can think of. The netting has proven to be strong enough to carry even some heavy power tools.
The tonneau NET is quick and easy to fit to the tonneau BAR using 3 rugged buckles, with 7 additional Velcro to open and close the NET for easy loading and unloading of your items, and with a size of 1.5m by 1m you will have no shortage of space to load your items into.

– The tonneau NET can be attached to the tonneau BAR in seconds using the three buckles and seven Velcro loops.
– The tonneau NET is manufactured with industrial strength materials and will easily hold anything from groceries, school luggage, tools, toys, fishing equipment, hunting equipment, or an almost unlimited range of other items.
– The metallic buckles keep the tonneau NET securely fastened to the tonneau BAR. You can even carry your groceries back into your home with it.
– Velcro straps allow for easy opening and closing of the NET, with convenient access to all your items.
– Installs fast with no tools required.
– When out of use the bar and net can be stored under a seat or behind the rear seat of a bakkie or SUV.
– Light weight and easy to use.
– Constructed from industrial strength netting for lasting durability.
– Fully machine washable.
– Total size when extended is 1.5m by 1.0m.
– Work load weight limit: ????
1 Year Warranty.


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