How we started:

We are 4×4 enthusiasts at heart. Started with the 4×4 journey by building-up our own 4×4 vehicle from bare metal to completed project. This experience provided us with the understanding of all the pros and cons of different components in a 4×4 vehicle. First-hand knowledge and experience cannot be calculated in a money value. Knowledge is power.

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The Thunder Led’s team has more than 30 years’ experience in the automotive industry. The team members consist of an engineer, principal automotive standard technician, automotive technical testing and inspection assessor, vehicle manufacturer, professional construction manager, and sales executive. We all pride ourselves on always giving our best to our customers and to uphold a high standard of quality.

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What we do


What do we do? We specialize in the suspensions of 4×4 vehicles.


We can assist you with technical advice on:


• Suspension geometry;


• Jeep death wobble issues and correcting;


• Steering geometry;


• Final drive Gear ratio optimisation for your 4×4;


• National road traffic act; • SANS requirements for automotive;


We at Thunder Led’s:


• The sole importer in South Africa of Rock Krawler suspensions for Jeep;


• Manufacture various Jeep accessories;


• Suppling of LED lights to various dealers in South Africa;


• Suppling of 4×4 accessories for various vehicles in South Africa;